Emile Vergeois

Emile Vergeois is part of a French family-owned company (Atelier Patrick Font) nestled in the “Monts du Lyonnais” (Southeast France).

The Pure Fruit Juices and Nectars are made from the highest quality fresh fruits. They are produced once a year at harvest time (from May to September) in order to preserve their organoleptic properties and to offer an exceptional taste.

The fruits are carefully selected mainly from local farmers.They are cold-pressed at a nearby production site, where a single pasteurization is applied to maintain their fresh character and to ensure the best gustatory experience possible.
Based on many years of experience, Emile Vergeois Pure Fruit Juices & Nectars are now recognized products in the world of Gastronomy and are on the menus of world-renowned Chefs.

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Marcel & Marie

Marcel & Marie is the link between beekeepers who always strive to produce the best honeys and honey lovers who legitimately want to know the quality of what they are buying.

Christophe and Philippe, the founders, are focused on selling pure and authentic raw honeys.

They select the best wildflower fields of France (Luberon, Cevennes National Parks…) and Spain (Castellón Province).

Quality will always be favored over quantity.

It is therefore of great importance for them to submit their products for authentification by a testing laboratory.

The ability of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to rapidly detect the adulterations (mixtures of honeys, addition of exogenous sugars, excessive heating…) helps them share this traceability and excellence with the honey lovers.

Marcel & Marie raw honeys may crystallize over time …it is an attribute of pure and natural honeys that provide a range of health benefits.

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Moulin de La Veyssière

Since 1857, Moulin de La Veyssière, located in the heart of the Périgord (Dordogne – France-) is owned and operated by the same family.
Every single walnut, hazelnut and almond is carefully selected and harvested in France.

Virgin walnut, hazelnut and almond oils are produced according to traditional know-how.
The production process consists of crushing the nuts with a flint wheel to obtain a paste, slightly heating it to release the full aromas of the fruits and finally, extracting the authentic oil by pressing it.
This careful process results in a perfectly balanced and flavorful walnut, almond or hazelnut oil to be poured over a salad, goat cheese toasts, mixed into a vinaigrette… and especially good for flavoring fish, meat, or for jazzing up desserts.

Moulin de la Veyssière is recognized as a High Quality Artisan Producer by the “Collège Culinaire de France” that promotes the highest food standards.

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Martin Pouret

This historical French company has been carrying on the tradition of the Orléans (city located southwest of Paris) vinegar and mustard masters since 1797.
The selected wines are transformed into vinegar through a three-week slow fermentation process, and then aged in oak barrels for over a year. It infuses the vinegar with rich aromas while preserving the wine’s original perfumes and minerals.

The mustard seeds soaked in wine vinegar are crushed with a stone wheel to obtain a fine, creamy and delicious texture.
Based on a long heritage of traditional know-how, Martin Pouret offers a wide variety of mustards all unique in their aromas.
Each ingredient, wine, mustard seeds and gherkins, is carefully selected and harvested in France … sustainable development and high-quality products are core values for this company.

Martin Pouret is recognized as a High Quality Artisan Producer by the “Collège Culinaire de France” that promotes the highest food standards.

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Maison Perrotte

Maison Perrotte’s production of exquisite artisanal Preserves started near Saumur (Western France) in 2013.
Born into a family of farmers and artisans, Stephan Perrotte puts his faith in creating so-called “traditional” preserves with new association of fruits.
His aim is to surprise and deliver the true flavors of fruits.
Stephan’s passion and work is rewarded in 2015, year in which he becomes Jam’s World Champion.

The fruits, not too ripe are carefully selected in-season.
All preserves are slowly cooked in small batches in copper cauldrons to preserve all the original flavors and keep the pectin of the fruits (a natural plant substance contained in fruit which acts as a gelling agent).

Maison Perrotte means more fruit (62%) and less sugar…. Must-have Preserves for every gourmand!
Free of preservatives and artificial flavoring.

Maison Perrotte preserves are recognized products in the world of Gastronomy and are used by world-renowned Chefs and sold at high-end grocery stores.

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